Tool ‘Rejecting’ Surprising Woman On Tour Bus Revealed


Tool‘s tour manager initially rejected a fan’s request to meet Adam Jones and Danny Carey back in June, but later changed their mind, leading to a great moment. A Tool dressing room ‘attack’ photo was just revealed. Kendropin wrote on Reddit:

Here my little story that i would like to share with you. My girlfriend got us Tool tickets for the show in zurich (june 25 2019) for my birthday. Needless to say, i was super excited. We entered the venue and found our seats. They kicked it off with Aenima. I started crying as soon as Maynard started with the “hey hey hey”. I was crying real hard. I just couldn’t believe what i saw in front of me, my 4 heroes. Tool has helped me so much to deal with depression and has helped me to get through dark times. I can’t thank them enough for their music. I owe them my life. Right, i’m drifting off. So. After the show, at around 10:45, we ran outside to the back exit where the tour busses where parked, hoping we would catch a glimpse of the boys when they exit the venue. Hours and hours passed and we were losing hope.

It was 2 am and my girlfriend suggested that we should go home and that there’s no point waiting since they haven’t exited yet or maybe the exited through another door. I convinced her to stay just a little longer. We were the only fans there outside waiting to see the boys. Then, at around 3:15 am, we saw some people walk out of the back door. I instantly recognized Danny (for obvious reasons) and Justin, I told my girlfriend “omg i think it’s them”. So we ran up to them as quickly as we could but they got into their van pretty quickly. I couldn’t miss the chance to i yelled “DANNY! JUSTIN!”. Their manager (?) told me “please don’t do that sweetheart”. They got in the van. I was gutted.

Danny and Justin right there and i can’t meet them. After a minute the manager stepped out of the van and us “you know what, i saw you guys waiting here for hours” then she opened the van door and told Danny and Justin to come out real quick for a hug. So they did. I was shaking so much, Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor, right in front of us. So we shook hands, hugged, talked for a minute. Danny called beautiful. I don’t remember anything else that they said thanks to the adrenaline. We got hugs from Danny and Justin. She didn’t let us take pictures but we didn’t really care, we were more than grateful to even get the chance to meet them. I still struggle to believe it today, I still miss that night. Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet Maynard and Adam, but we’ll get them next year. So yeah, that was my little story. Thank you a lot for reading! 🙂 A Tool member recently called out Maynard James Keenan’s girlfriend.