Tool Member Premieres Sequel To Classic Song


Tool are a rather elusive band. The band doesn’t seem to come out of their shadows too often, and when they do, let’s just say that some rough things happen. Thankfully this time around everything was well and fans are flooding the comment section of Instagram to the one and only, Adam Jones. Tool just lowered ripoff prices after a fan backlash.

Adam took to social media to show off what he’s been up to lately as well as what the band has already accomplished. Fans will be incredibly stoked to hear that Tool has completed another body of work through ‘Opiate 2’ as it’s currently described. The clip that features the aforementioned code name for the new music sounds pretty stunning and what you would expect from the band.

The band has a lot of ground to cover as fans and critics alike were not too fond of their last release which saw some rough waters take place. The last album was panned on both sides for pretty unknown reasons as it did sound like a Tool album that easily fit with the discography. Sadly, not all were in agreement with that statement. The new music sounds as one would expect. There are tribal drums and distant guitars that make this into what could be a hit with fans of the band. There were no vocals in the clip that Adam shared, but you can hear in your head where the vocals would be.

Certainly, we are all ready for more good news to come the way of Tool as the bad news of fights and stolen cars have to come to an end soon. If we are lucky, we should be hearing what the band has put together fairly soon since members are already starting to leak out content that could have been saved for a big drop.