Tool Member Reveals Who He Dragged ‘Out Of The Closet’


In a new Kerrang interview, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan revealed that he had to figuratively drag his A Perfect Circle bandmate Billy Howerdel ‘out of the closet’ to finish their album Eat the Elephant. See the quotes with the funny comparison below.

Which musician do you share the closest mental connection with?

“That’s a tough one. It wouldn’t be one person, but a combination. I’d say Carina Round and Mat Mitchell [from Puscifer]. We all provide pieces that perhaps the others don’t have, and we all feed off of those things.”

How would you describe your creative relationship with Billy?

“I’m the guy who pulls him forward. When he gets in a studio he loses his way a little bit; he’s that guy who doesn’t know when the painting is finished. He wants to keep going and I feel my role is to drag him out of the closet.”

The closet?

“So to speak (laughs).”

Blair recently made a hilarious post on Tool’s official website, claiming the photos of Tool members in Portland, Maine mastering their new album are frauds and rip offs, and not the real Tool.

“While info-snacking on the web yesterday, I saw some photos which show that the latest batch of Tool band member decoys have been spotted somewhere on the chilly east coast. Wow. I must admit that the new guys almost look identical to the genuine article and, as such, should be extremely functional in luring fans away during the upcoming tour. Later today, I’ll post a couple of photos to show you what I mean.”

Tool are currently in Portland, Maine with Bob Ludwig mastering their long awaited new album, the followup to 2006’s 10,000 Days. Adam Jones has been posting photos of the band in Maine on his Instagram story, and on Thursday drummer Danny Carey posted photos on his official website with the caption: ‘But what about the Stoned Lobsters?’

Tool are set to play North American festivals in the spring, and they will tour in Europe this summer. Maynard James Keenan previously stated that he expects the new Tool album to be released between mid-May and mid-July, which would coincide with the European tour.