Tool Member Reveals Major New 2020 Release


Tool guitarist Adam Jones hinted at a new music video release with new photos on his Instagram story. Tool’s producer revealed a Maynard James Keenan bedroom recording secret a few days ago.

driverdash posted, “Look at Adams Jones IG story. They are making a music video.” ryan-0ceros commented, “Storyboard for the video in the case by the looks of things.” driverdash chimed in, “Can you also explain to me why this subreddit would downvote this info.”

Tra1famadorian said, “OP should be downvoted because the title is misleading/wrong Adam posted some storyboard sketches from the CD case video, but the title of the post suggests those storyboards are for a new video.”

headfirstthistime responded, “Yeah, this. And it’s been confirmed for quite some time that a music video is in the works… so we all know that one is being made, and that it’s way further along than the storyboard stages shown on Adam’s IG.”

Tool’s producer revealed who Greta Van Fleet ripped off yesterday. Tool fans on Reddit also recently discussed when the ‘second wave’ of Fear Inoculum albums will be shipped.

meffman1 posted, “Not everyone has gotten a shipment notification yet. Toolband say they are fulfilling orders based on order number. The other day someone posted they were around 30000 and it was shipped out so we’re on a list somewhere if that helps lol.”

Buckeye_Country said, “That was me who posted about the shipping confirmation. I will be receiving mine tomorrow. I find it so odd that I’m the only one who has posted that they received a confirmation.”

deadcatsdontpurr wrote, “I’m still waiting to hear something too.” HAL-Over-9001 said, “I haven’t received an email update, and my order page still says “will email once order is shipped” or something along those lines. I’m just being patient. As long as I get it eventually, I don’t mind waiting. I already have the best audio files, so the CD is just a collector item.” Maynard James Keenan ‘finishing’ with Tool in days was recently revealed.

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    Why is this article just anonymous comments from a reddit thread?

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    I love how Brett literally mentions about misleading titles in his own misleading titled article. What a sum bitch