Motley Crue Icon Emotional Weight Loss Photo Revealed


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx revealed a photo of himself working on losing weight in the gym in a new social media photo. He clarified that his fitness goals are sincere and part of his goal oriented personality, and are in no way an advertisement for the apps he mentioned. Nikki Sixx made an emotional heroin announcement last week.

“Been back to full train mode. Hired a nutritionist @platinumathletics and reassessed my intake fuel. Eating for my goals through @eatmacromeals to keep focused and make eating easy ( plus it’s tastes amazing.) I am using My Fitness Pal to log all my food (Keeps you honest). Using the @ouraring to track activity,calories and sleep progress. Still in PT for right shoulder surgery but getting stronger everyday.”

A Motley Crue icon reveals if he’s rich or broke last week. Sixx added, “Strength and endurance’s training with @genesisperformance 4 days a week. 5 days a week cardio mixed with supplements specifically for my body.Addicted to the challenge. I live for goals. Current finish line is -17lbs fat and gaining +10lbs muscle…. and no this is not an ad. I promote people I believe in. Have a great week.”

Sixx also wrote about the first Los Angeles Rams 2019 NFL season game over the weekend, “🏈 Week 1 Gonna be a great season for Los Angeles. Can’t wait to go to some games • @rams 🗣 THE WAIT IS OVER ‼️.” Nikki Sixx called out a ‘fake’ Motley Crue ripoff a few days ago.