Tool Member Reveals Painful Singer Performances


Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan is one of the fan favorites even after decades. He has other bands, A Perfect Circle and then there’s also Puscifer. In a recent interview for Revolver, conducted by none other than comedian David Cross, he spoke about the influence of celebrities on the fans and he performs according to his own will. He had also noted that to be selfish because he wants to do it anyway.

Maynard James Keenan talks about ‘terrible’ singers

He went on to speak about the singers who need to be upfront running around because their mic’s feeding back everybody else’s monitors. He revealed the reason that they need to be up there as they need the audience to look at them. But amid all these, the singers forget that they have the fans to entertain:

“Then you have other people that need to be upfront, running around. And they’re up in front back and around the fucking sound is awful because their mic’s feeding back everybody else’s monitors like. That’s because they need to be up there, they need you to look at them. You realize, somewhere in the middle of all this there are people here and you have to entertain them.”

He believes that he needs to adjust to the theatrics and he has been able to do it over time. He talked about being the part of Puscifer which takes the pressure off him. He had previously noted that project to be his ‘break.’ Here is what he said:

He added: “Over time, I’ve been able to adjust that to bring the theatrics, to bring the entertainer, to project from that area wherever I am prancing around like an idiot. You figure out a way to balance those things. But I think, especially with Puscifer, having all the other things going on takes the pressure off me. Sure, I happen to be the only clown on stage. The last we went on we had an entire Lucha ring. A 14-foot ring, we had five luchadors jumping off the top rope while we’re doing songs, and then running around in between songs, doing things during songs.”