Axl Rose ‘Freak Out’ At Concert Caught On Video


Axl Rose appeared to call out someone doing the sound at Guns N’ Roses’ Exit 111 festival performance to turn up his microphone volume. Definitely a justified freak out, the fans want to hear Axl! Slash’s brother leaked a horrible Axl Rose wig photo yesterday.

AxlRoseCDII said on, “Last show he threw his mic on the ground, this show he made he ‘Axl anger gesture’ reminiscent of the 2001 RIO show. Not to mention he made that ‘everyone was like fuck you, Axl. I get that a lot you know’ in the first show this leg which isn’t anger, but combined with the fact that they’ve been starting late again I just hope he’s not falling back into old habits. More likely I’m just overthinking it but I was curious if anyone else noticed this.”

Axl Rose threw an instrument at a recent Guns N’ Roses show. Lio responded, “No, don’t think so. He’s had those in other legs as well when things don’t go like they should. As soon as it’s resolved, he’s alright again. He’s on stage singing a song, he can hardly walk over there and ask to adjust stuff, he has to make it obvious while singing. I haven’t seen a whole lot of this leg, but I don’t think I’ve seen him in a better mood than this leg actually.”

adamsapple posted, “He made that “turn me the fuck up” thing towards the sound table to his left during the first Locomotive performance also.”

Tourettes2400 wrote, “Yeah I remember thinking he was about to cuss somebody but he was just telling him to turn him up. Right after he did that the guy leaned over and adjusted something.” Guns N’ Roses possibly releasing their new album in ‘six months’ was recently revealed.