Tool Member’s Wife Is Now Even Hinting At New Album


Tool guitarist Adam Jones’ wife Korin posted on Instagram yesterday: “Dinner with friends was the best start to the new year. Lots of good things to come, and you’ve been so patient. are you ready? ❤️? #anticipation #proudwife #2018ishere.”

Is Adam’s wife hinting at the new album, or is she trolling fans like members of the band have? We will have to wait and see, and continue being patient…

Fans on Tool’s Reddit are reporting that Maynard James Keenan discussed Tool’s long awaited new album in a series of tweets to fans that he later deleted.

bijan33 wrote:

Saw on Maynard’s twitter couple hours ago he said that tool music “isn’t finished let alone recorded. “ and that “when it is done we will shout it from the mountain tops”. Responding to a fan being critical. Of course the guy proceeded to kiss Maynard’s ass after that lol.

Scoop_9 later wrote:

It was there. There were three or four tweets.

Edit: He mentioned something about 4 stubborn gents that are trying to finish the music, but it is painstaking due to ALL personalities and the perfection standard. He also mentioned that rehearsal demos have been performed. It WAS there about 12 hours ago.