Tool Mocking Awful Zack de la Rocha Lie Revealed


There has long been a rumor that Maynard James Keenan called out Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha as a ‘Bob Marley wannabe’ at a concert, but it turns out this is a lie. Maynard James Keenan recently announced his plans to play the new Tool album early for fans.

toolpusciferapc posted on Instagram, “’AFTER 27 YEARS THE BOB MARLEY WANNA BE FROM THE TOOL OPIATE CD IS FINALLY REVEALED’ greenjellovision Rock History Tool school edition: Now it’s time to completely kill the rumor that ‘ZACK’ from Rage Against the Machine is this person…Below is picture proof of the infamous quote ‘THROW THAT BOB MARLEY WANNA BE OUTTA HERE’…

This is the exact moment when ‘MAYNARD’ yells at his friend ‘DONOVAN’ (Notice the Dreads) for screaming obnoxious words at him with Megaphone thru out the entire live recording of Opiate…Donovan got Maynard a job building sets with him for Hollywood tv and commercial productions…Maynard lived at the Jello loft with us and met Donovan thru us…

Donovan was another creative person who was part of our gigantic artist & musician collective at the ‘GREEN JELLO LOFT’…Next to ‘DONOVAN’ aka ‘THE BOB MARLEY WANNA BE’ is ‘ADAM JONES’ High school friend ‘TOM MORELLO’ who along with Adam was also part of our artist collective…As you can see there is no ‘ZACK DE LA ROCHA’ standing next to Tom…in fact it’s just Maynard’s work friend ‘DONOVAN’…the rest is rock history…

On a side note I still own the actual ‘NEVER BEFORE SEEN’ Live Concert video of this Infamous #Tool moment…it’s the earliest video in existence of the band…remember where you heard this first ‘GREENJELLOVISION GOOD TV’ stay ToOned & Stay StoOned
Pix By Lindsay Brice #MaynardJamesKeenan @tommorello #DannyCarey #PaulDAmour @adamjones_tv #ToolArmy.” A Zack de la Rocha attack recently saddened a Rage Against The Machine member.

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