The Who Reveal Disgusting Mick Jagger Photo


Legendary The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger celebrated his 76th birthday on Friday. The Who have revealed a bizarre photo of Pete Townshend shirtless with ‘Happy Birthday Mick’ written on his bare chest. He is holding a book titled ‘Up and Down with The Rolling Stones.’ Slash’s girlfriend recently made an embarrassing Mick Jagger claim.

The Who wrote on Twitter to celebrate Mick Jagger’s 76th birthday, “Happy 76th birthday
@MickJagger with love from Pete and Roger.”

Keith Richards said, “Happy Birthday, Mick. Have a good one! Love, Keith @mickjagger Photo:Claude Gassian.”

Dolly Parton wrote, “Happy birthday to my friend @MickJagger! Here’s to many more years of rockin’!”

Mick Jagger recently unloaded on a brutal screwup at a concert. The Instagram page 60s.Jagger said, “Happy birthday to the greatest frontman in the world! Happy 76th birthday, Mick Jagger! Thank u for all your wonderful music, you’re a rock and roll legend, I love and admire you so much. Nobody in the world compares to you, and nobody will ever do it, because you are unique. You mean a lot to me, and to me, you are the best singer I’ve ever heard in my life!

And when i say ‘singer,’ I don’t just refer to your voice. I also mean your long career, to the passion you put into everything you do, and to the great talent you have. I hope you have a great day, happy birthday!! We love you. 🎂❤️❤️❤️❤️”