Tool New Album First Photo Finally Revealed


The new Tool album is set for release on August 30th, and the band have revealed a new Egyptian themed logo that appears to be the look for the new record era. Maynard James Keenan recently reacted to a bizarre remark about departed Tool bassist Paul D’Amour.

loooomis responded on Reddit, “This logo is far superior to the ‘pill’ logo they have had the last decade. Glad to see something new from them and it’s definitely an intriguing design.

Excited for more news. 👍”

Decagram said about the Tool new album logo, “Just spitballing, this could be a one-off logo for a single kinda like how the Opiate re-release had a different logo.

If this is for a single then Descending would fit the bill; the pyramid visual to go along with the Egyptian style font. Hopefully we get some details soon.”

staythestranger wrote, “For those of who who don’t know, Tool has changed their logotype for each album. They don’t have an official “logo”.

This is bitchin’ and a cool evolution of the symmetry they started with the 10,000 version. I’m a huge fan!

Hopefully this pairs with the artwork well. Could definitely see this going with an Alex Grey piece, but I hope we’re all pleasantly incorrect in our guesses!”

Tool recently released a surprise EP on Apple Music. Maynard James Keenan recently discussed the meaning of the name Puscifer for his other band.

First Puscifer tweeted, “Ms Puscifer, the Queen B, is our source & symbol of all things creative. The light of Venus guiding us to and from the womb. The Goddess. Shiva the destroyer of darkness. Ba’al the bountiful. Respect our Mother.”

A fan said, “Okay yes but is it Puscifer like pus from a wound pus-cifer or is it more like poo-cifer”

Keenan responded, “Puss in boots. Pussy cat.”