Tool New Release Sells For $50,000 In Photo


Tool just finished the domestic leg of their Fear Inoculum tour and although they will be without a big name for the rest of that tour, there was another notable incident to come out of Tool’s Cleveland, Ohio tour date. As one concertgoer is selling a concert poster from that event on the popular online auction site eBay for fifty-thousand dollars plus shipping. A photo of that listing can be seen below.

Over on the Tool subreddit, fans of the group lambasted the seller what was could be described as an unsurprising move. However, one Redditor proclaimed that it’s ultimately on you if you allow yourself to get, self-proclaimed ‘scalped’ as the Reddit user named Ultraviolent666 stated: ” If you allow to be scalped, you get scalped…regardless where you look currently, luxury goods (watches for example), concert tickets, posters, records, iPhones (in the past), houses (at least you can live in these as long as you can pay the downpayment) and over here in Europe even basic things as sunflower oil and gas for your car… the list goes on and on… f***ing world we live in, to be honest.”

This Tool member recently ruined his bandmate’s performance. While another user proclaimed that Tool should do more to prevent occurrences such as this one. Manicstreets would go on to write: ” I don’t think Tool is helping it either. They need to print more. 850 for 12,000 people is way low. I just saw Ween this weekend and they had 300 posters for 1500 people. Those sold out. Tool could easily print 1700 and would sell out. At least that would drive down the demand. I understand that these probably have been printed for months but they need to double the print run for the next leg.”

Whereas ReSpekMyAuthoriitaaa would chime in and reply: “I mean they could honestly make more posters than seats and it would still sell out. Either tool wants to keep demand low to drive ticket sales or they just generally enjoy the idea of demanding art… either way they could make 15k posters for a 10k venue and still sell out every night”