Tool React To New Version Of ‘Fear Inoculum’


Tool guitarist Adam Jones has reacted to 12-year old guitarist Jayden Tatasciore’s new version of Tool’s Fear Inoculum song “Pneuma.”

Jayden played a Gibson SG and delivered his own unique guitar solo. He said, “My take on ‘Pneuma.’ This one goes out to [Gibson Brand President] Cesar Gueikian and Adam Jones. So thankful for all the support. Hope you enjoy!”

Jones said, “Burning 🔥 Thanx for the tribute Jayden.”

DimFakeJimKK posted on Tool’s Reddit about the band’s relationship with Nine Inch Nails, “Why is Tool always associated with NIN? Sorry if this may have been asked before.

I don’t understand why on every Tool page you’ll find posts about NIN on it. It happens here on r/ToolBand, it happens on Tool-based instagram pages, everywhere.

I would’ve thought Tool were more like Meshuggah or Dream Theatre or something. Big prog bands like that. Definitely not an industrial rock band like NIN. Why is this?”

Decentralised responded, “Back in the late 90’s NIN and Tool were both “alternative” metal, and attracted many of the same people and repelled similar crowds too. The bands grew apart in terms of sound, and lyrics but for the record NIN won 2 Grammys for “best metal performance” before Tool won one for AEnima and “Fist Fuck” came before “Stinkfist”.

Other than that Danny Lohner and Jeordy White are associated with both NIN and APC, there was the Tapeworm project… Tool and NIN are my two favourite bands… so they have lots of things in common :-)”