Van Halen Icon Massive Surgery News Revealed


Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth discussed working as a surgical tech in a new Toazsted interview. There have been rampant rumors of a Van Halen reunion tour this year, with Michael Anthony returning to the band on base for a series of stadium shows with big names like Foo Fighters and Metallica. The tour fell apart, though there are rumors it could be revisited for a Van Halen tour in 2020.

“I remember everything. I have a photic memory. It comes also not from anything genetic… My first job out of high school was in surgery at a hospital. I spent two and a half years working as a surgical tech, surgical porter. I assisted during every kind of surgery. My mentor was a combat nurse…

Schenider, two tours of duty in Korea, two tours of duty in Vietnam and it was impressed upon me to memorize everything you see. Period. Somebody’s life depends on it. And I’ve extended that to everything I saw outside a tour bus window. Everybody that I’ve ever sat and sit here I’m going to memorize that smile.”

Metalhead Zone transcribed Roth’s comments.

Roth also recently said on The Roth Show, “In Amsterdam, there are a series of probably 20 different buildings. Easily a billion dollars worth of effort going on there. A billion dollars, we’re not talking about cool little surf shacks, we’re not talking about ‘well that bar looks like a palapa-roofed outdoor Jimmy Buffett songs’. No no, you’re talking about gigantic monstro billions and billions of dollars worth of effort. A thousand millions… A thousand million is billion.

By the way, billionaire, I think he might be our first black billionaire, Jay-Z, Beyonce or as some folks like to say it, Beyonce, Jay-Z… (laughs) Congratulations, boom! Yeah, big-time billionaires. Wow, you deserve every penny of it. Big time fans, you took over at Coachella, you took over me, baby. I’m not gonna ring but…tried to sing a Beyonce and Jay-Z song- Oh see baby, I know all your lyrics.”