Howard Stern Reveals ‘Stupid’ Neil Young Remark


Howard Stern uploaded a never before seen video clip with Neil Young to his YouTube page a few days ago. Here he reveals on Stern’s show how much he hated working with the cameramen at Woodstock back and how a confrontation at the famed 1969 festival cost him a spot in the Woodstock movie, and called the cameras ‘stupid.’ Howard Stern recently revealed a scary Neil Young claim. Young also further discusses with Stern how much he hated the commercialism of the Woodstock event. Alternative Nation transcribed Stern and Young’s comments. The Smashing Pumpkins screwed up this Neil Young classic and it’s hilarious. 

Stern: Mr. Young when you were at-

Young: You can call me Neil, Howard, Jesus Christ.

Stern: Neil, when you at Woodstock, when you were at Woodstock

Neil: [Looking at Robin Quivers] Who is this guy?!


Stern: Neil, when you were at Woodstock you got ticked off. In other words, I think the commercialism of Woodstock freaked you out. You were on stage with Crosby, Stills and Nash and Young. The cameras were on your face, they’re makin-

Young: I didn’t like the fucking cameras. They didn’t have to be right there. That was stupid. They didn’t have to be right on the stage because they’re cameras, hello, use your zoom dickhead.

Stern: They were too close.

Young: Well they were on the stage, we were playing music and there is this jerk standing there with some other guy following him around and getting on the stage, wearing black clothes like you couldn’t see them. Like, come on, get out of here.

Stern: Did anyone discuss that with you ahead of time?

Young: No, they didn’t.

Stern: So you said to the camera guy at Woodstock: “You get the fuck out of my face!” and as a result, you’re not in the movie and we just see Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

Young: Yeah I love that movie, the way they say it. if you listen to when they introduce Crosby, Stills, and Nash, you can tell – “Wait a minute, did I say the full name of the band there?”

[Clip plays]

Young: You can tell that they cut [my name]. If you listen, it jumps. They had to take my name out and use the other two names in the right order. Howard Stern called out a disgusting Keith Richards attack yesterday.