Tool Reveal Why Maynard James Keenan Is ‘Selfish’


Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan admitted to doing selfish things in a new LA Weekly interview. A big name rejected joining Tool.

“Winemaking’s not more important than music-making. I make both, and I enjoy and need both. And not just those things, but cooking, raising birds and dogs and kids and all those things. We need all those things.”

“Everything else is selfish activity, me making music, me making wine, that’s all me, me, me, me being me, wanting to do what I want to do. But as far as the actually community building, planting the vines and letting that legacy continue, I feel like that’s bigger than us.”

“As far as continuing after you, to really know that it comes after you, vineyards and the state where I live — in that way, it’s more important than all those things. I think establishing the pattern, establishing the place is more important.”

“I really don’t see any of them as being a side or main project. The only main project is the one in front of me in that particular given hour. We all help express each other. Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, and the wine are just another dimension of Tool and vice versa.”

A Tool member revealed a big 2020 release recently. skizm88 posted on Reddit yesterday, “For People Who Think FI Is The Best Tool Album. I realize this is a very unpopular opinion. Lateralus was my first, namely the Patient and Reflection, I also listen to Rosetta Stoned for that climax often. I think I place less weight on Maynard than most.

SO for those who share this opinion, why is this album so great? I try to figure it out, but it’s somewhat ineffable. It’s definitely not as CRISP as Lateralus, but the spacing of the instruments seems better.

The band’s parts seem to dance around each other in a very trippy way. almost pushing/pulling my headbraineyething. I listen to this album at least 3 times a day. Please don’t post negative things about this album, but feel free to dispute peoples comments. This is purely to increase our enjoyment of this album. Thanks guys.”

A Maynard James Keenan bedroom secret was also revealed. nmotz06 responded, “FI is great because it continues the journey….of life, of Tool’s music. Deepens the spiral you might say for all us Tool-listenin’ folk. If you like the Patient and Reflection then it’s clear you’re into a certain side of Tool that comes out a lot more in FI too. The more I think about it the more I think I might not actually have a favorite Tool album, just favorite musical scripts for the emotional effect I’m trying to achieve/work out. I’ve always said Lateralus, but FI has been really killer and I love Aenima too. The others are incredible works of art that I cherish even though FI-Aenima-Lateralus are probably my top 3.”

You can read the full interview at LA Weekly.