Green Day Fight At Radio Performance Revealed


Green Day recently appeared on The Howard Stern Show, and Howard revealed how when the band appeared on the show in 1996, he saw them beating each other up to hype themselves up for the performance. Green Day made a stunning ‘last album’ announcement yesterday. recapped: Howard came back and said he has the great band Green Day in the studio. He said when he has great bands like this on the show he gets really charged up. He said this sis what he thinks he should be doing. He said he should be with them. He welcomed the guys, Tre, Billie and Mike to the show. Howard said he’s known them for so long. Billie Joe said he remembers him coming to a show in like 1996.

Howard said he got to see them doing a pre-show warm up and they were beating the shit out of each other. He said it was nuts. <>Howard said the guys are there to promote their new album ”Father of All” and asked if it’s just Father of All or is Father Of All Mother Fuckers. Billie Joe said it’s Father Of All Mother F**kers. Howard said they have to say ”Father Of All…” on radio apparently. Billie Joe Armstrong recently made a sad injury revelation.

Howard asked who the father of all mother f**kers is. Billie Joe said that he thought of someone who could be the father of all mother f**kers. He said you can use your imagination for who that might be with everything that’s going on right now.

Howard asked if Billie Joe writes that stuff down in a journal. Billie Joe said he does. Howard asked if they have more fun now or back in 1987 writing songs. He said back then there was no pressure. He said now they must have 10 times more pressure behind it. Billie Joe said it’s always different. He said he thinks there’s actually less pressure because you don’t have to wait. He said you can just put stuff out. Morrissey recently unloaded on Billie Joe Armstrong.