Jimmy Page Leaks ‘First’ Led Zeppelin Tour Dates In 2020


As Led Zeppelin fans enter 2020, Jimmy Page has posted the first ever Led Zeppelin North American tour dates photo to celebrate the holiday season. Jimmy Page called out Robert Plant for pulling an Axl Rose last week.

Page wrote, “On this day in 1968, I played the first date of the first tour of America with Led Zeppelin.

From the 7th September 1968 to today in 1968, the members of Led Zeppelin had toured in Scandinavia, recorded our first album in October (soon to be released in the January of 1969), toured the UK and were now ready to embark on our first American Tour; the Denver Auditorium Arena was the home of the first gig in the US. We were to support the Vanilla Fudge for five dates before going to California.⁣”

Jimmy added, “On this day in 1968, it was Led Zeppelin’s first journey to the United States.⁣ The members of Led Zeppelin enter the United States for their first American Tour, and we stayed at one of my old Yardbird haunts – The Chateau Marmont. I had been used to touring the States with The Yardbirds over the previous two years, but for first timers Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones, it was not going to take long for them to be initiated in to the ways of the US.⁣”

He also said, “Happy holidays. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a great time for the festive season. Thanks a lot for your support and checking in each day. Have a rocking day!” He wrote as well, “On this day in 1966, I travelled to New York for an American tour with The Yardbirds.⁣⁣
Twas the night before Christmas in ‘66 and I was to leave from England with The Yardbirds to New York to begin a short American and Canadian tour with Keith Relf, Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja on board.⁣” Jimmy Page rejecting a stunning 2020 Led Zeppelin offer was just revealed.