Tool Unheard Songs From 90’s Revealed?


Bassist Justin Chancellor recently shared some insights into Tool’s creative process when it comes to making new music. He mentioned that the band is very particular about their art and might start working on a new album after their current plans. As we all know, Tool is known for taking long breaks between albums.

Despite the fans’ eagerness for new music, the band is not willing to compromise on the quality of their work. Justin acknowledged that the process can be quite laborious due to their sensitivity towards their art.

Speaking to Matt Pinfield in a new interview, the bassist discussed doing a follow-up to Tool’s 2019 record “Fear Inoculum,” saying (transcribed by Ultimate Guitar):

“We’ve actually had a stab at getting some ideas going again. We’re constantly coming up with new stuff as well. So that’s always exciting. When you’ve got a fresh idea, you’re as excited to play it to the other guys.”

Apart from sharing these new ideas, Justin also says that the band always has some old stuff in store. This is apparently the usual for them and a great idea might find its home in a finished song many years later. He added:

“But there is definitely a pile of goodies that we didn’t use for the last one, and that, perhaps, we didn’t use for the one before that. We have some really old stuff that we’ve never used. Often, it’s little pieces.”

“And the cool thing about that is you carry them all the way through,” Justin explained. “And at some point, they connect with something else.”

“It might take coming up with a whole new idea to find a home for this old riff or rhythm that we had, that we’d never been able to kind of find the home for. So that’s kind of the way it all comes together. It’s like a combination of using all those old things, and then coming up with new stuff all the time as well and just to keep hitting it with the new stuff and see what sticks.”

It has been noted that Tool are gearing up for an early 2024 tour of the US. In late May 2024, they’ll head over to Europe. But once they’re done, they might just go and have a good old grueling “labored” Tool-style writing session. At least that’s what Justin says:

“I mean, we’re busy, but I’m sure by next year and by the time we’re done touring, we’re going to be hungry to get out this new stuff.”

During the interview, he admitted that they’re not getting any younger. At the same time, they’d love to have a new album out. So putting two and two together, we might just end up hearing something new without having to wait another 13 years or so.

“Being that we’re all moving on in years a bit,” Justin added, “we’re not going to be taking that long again, you know what I mean? [Laughs] When we do get back out of it, we’re going to try to try and kick along a bit quicker.”