Rush Rumored Neil Peart Replacement Leaks Tour Photo


Rush fans who had hoped that there would be a potential 40th-anniversary tour for their landmark album, Innocent Waves might want to pump the brakes on things just a bit. Mike Portnoy, the former drummer, backing vocalist and co-founder of the group Dream Theater recently took to social media via Instagram to dismiss claims that he will have any involvement with Rush, touring or otherwise, replacing Neil Peart. Geddy Lee rips ‘shameless’ Rush member photo.

Portnoy wrote: “ahaha so everybody is sending this to me. Apparently some metal website posted a fake article saying I will be joining @rush in 2020 for a 40th Anniversary Tour for Permanent Waves! Even to the point of creating a fake Twitter post from me! (SWIPE) While that’s a pretty awesome (completely hypothetical) dream…and I would surely do it in a heartbeat…it’s unfortunately not true!! (But it is a cool idea) In any case, I just wanted to break the (real) news to anybody that had gotten their hopes up thinking that this may be real! OK, back to your regularly scheduled programming…”

As cool as it would be to see Rush perform in 2020, it wouldn’t be the same without the core three bandmates. Would you want to see a Rush tour with Mike Portnoy potentially involved? Sound off in the comments below. Rush member sad ‘dementia’ claim revealed.

In other news revolving Rush, fans recently took to social media to discuss the aforementioned ‘Permanent Waves’ album. One fan said: ” Everybody says Moving Pictures was Rush’s finest work. I also think it is a Masterpiece along with every other Album down to 2112. At that time in Rush’s history, they could do no wrong. Listen to those albums, they are all great. But to me, Permanent Waves is how I discovered Rush. One song echoes through my mind every day of my life. “The Spirit of Radio”. If it were not for this song, would have Moving Pictures been the success that it was? Permanent Waves was a set up for Moving Pictures. I love Permanent Waves. ” Rush fan reveals what Geddy Lee did to his mom.