Top 10 Creepiest Alternative Rock Halloween Songs


Happy Halloween from Alternative Nation! If you’re looking for a playlist to listen to while you’re putting on your costume or…not, here are ten songs from the 90’s, featuring legends like Chris Cornell and Layne Staley, to today, to give you the creeps and put you in the spooky mood.

10. Dorothy – “I Put a Spell on You”

Made famous by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, this song about an obsessive lover has been covered several times, however, Dorothy’s live cover is mesmerizing. With her intense howling vocals, she adds a modern twist while staying nostalgic to the bluesy, classic sound the original has. It’s one of Martin’s best live performances and definitely has a haunting feel to it.

9. Shinedown – “DEVIL”
“I was sent to warn you, the Devil’s right beside you” is the last line of the song. That’s creepy as shit. “DEVIL” is featured on Shinedown’s latest album ATTENTION ATTENTION, which is a almost like a concept album focusing on battling inner demons and mental discrepancies. Not to say that mental illness is scary by any means, but it did used to be associated with witchcraft back in the day.

8. Halestorm – “Mrz Hyde”

            “Welcome to the nightmare in my head. Say hello to something scary, the monster in your bed.” Okay…if that doesn’t give you weird vibes then I don’t know what does. The melody along with Lzzy’s seductively harsh vocals give this track an overall disturbing tone.

7. In This Moment – “Black Wedding”

            In This Moment should be on every Halloween list, as the theatrics and attire the band uses during their performances are already intense enough. However, the piercing piano melody of “Black Wedding” along with the dark subject matter make this take the lead. Plus, Rob Halford sings backup. And the video is like a scene from a horror movie.

6. Soundgarden – “Superunknown”

            Though “Black Hole Sun” is an eerie tune that is known by pretty much the entire world, “Superunknown” depicts what Soundgarden was made of as a whole much better: intense riffs, pounding drums, and screeching vocals. Plus, superunknown is the term that basically describes all things Halloween. So, we recommend this one for your playlist.

5. The Pretty Reckless – “Sweet Things”

It doesn’t get much creepier than talking directly to evil…and the devil? Vocalist Taylor Momsen said this song is basically supposed to be a conversation between her and the devil. So, yeah. The track is featured on their sophomore album Going to Hell, which has a few songs that probably could have made this list. However, between the dialogue sang between Momsen and guitarist Ben Philips, to her haunting screams during the bridge, this song is definitely their spookiest.

4. Korn – “Freak on a Leash”

            Korn is always freaky. May be a pretty predictable Korn song to use in a list like this but even the piercing melody at the beginning makes it creepy as it is. Then you get into the lyrics and even the…gibberish in the breakdown? If you’ve ever heard this live, it’s even weirder than the recorded version. It sounds like some kind of ventriloquist voodoo sermon.

3. Godsmack – “Voodoo”

If you know anything about Godsmack, you most likely have heard that singer Sully Erna practices witchcraft. So, being that he wrote a song called “Voodoo,” you can already imagine it’s sinister. And it is. The drumming is probably the highlight of this song, and you can almost picture it being the background music during a séance or something of the sort. Watch the video to be even more disturbed.

2. Marilyn Manson – “Sweet Dreams”

            Manson also has a lot of songs that could have ended up here, but his cover of The Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” is just downright scary. Especially when he does that whisper scream.

  1. Alice in Chains – “Them Bones”

            Let’s be real, you can place almost any Alice in Chains song on a Halloween list. But “Them Bones” takes the crown. They typically have macabre guitar melodies and intense vocal harmonization between Jerry and Layne, but it’s especially eerie in this song. The music video makes the song even more haunting than it already sounds.