Top Ten Metal Albums From 1999


1999 is normally seen as the year when Nu-metal really exploded. Lets not let us forget though that it actually a lot of strong releases in the metal world. Here in no order are the ten best metal albums from that year.

Cannibal Corpse – Bloodthrist

American’s biggest death metal band is one to never disappoint fans. This record is one of the band’s best. The style the band started playing once Fisher joined on Vile really came into it’s own here.


Dillinger Escape Plan – Calculating Infinity

On this debut album by Jersey’s mathcore legends, the band had a more experimental sound than they would later. Mixing in elements of grind,noise rock,noise music, and hardcore punk this record is without a doubt one for fans to check out.


Type O Negative – World Coming Down

One of the band’s most underrated allbums, this record has the curse of following the band’s two biggest albums, Black Number 1 and October Rust. While its not as good this album is still a long, grity look into Peter Steele’s inner depression and sick sense of humor.


Immolation – Failures of God


Yonker’s death metal titan’s many classics is good proof that they have yet to release a stinker.


Emperor – IX Equilibrium

Emperor’s third album is very hit or miss with fans of black metal. On this album the band expanded alot on their prog influences as well as guitar shredding. While not as good as their previous work, this third offering from Norse black metal masters is well worth your time.


Immortal – At The Hearts of Winter

Speaking of Norse black metal, Emperor weren’t the only ones with an excellent album that year. On this record, Immortal start a shift into a more thrash metal influenced sound, a sound that would follow them from this release onward.


Opeth – Still Life

This fourth meal by Swedish,prog metal, legends is often seen as their best album. Here you can see a large variety of influences. The album is also an anti-christian concept album with a bleak feel. Without a doubt the second best prog metal album on this list. We will get into number 1 later.  


Summoning – Stronghold

Yet another great black metal album from 1999, this record is these Tolken lovers from Austria’s best helping. With amazing atmosphere, this record would take you on a journey to a magic land you would never want to leave.


Windir – Arntor

And just when you thought we were done with black metal, another entry arrives on a viking boat from Norway. This record is one of the best ever examples of black metal folk fusions. This record is also the last by the band to have founding member, Valfar play all the instruments.


Taake – Nattestid Ser Porten Vid

One of the best debuts to ever be put out by a norse black metal band, this album is a must hear for any fan of the genre.


Dan Swano – Moontower

Dan Swano is one of the great musicians in all of metal. Through his work in man band’s such as The Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath, and such we see many sides to his playing and writing.  On this solo record, Swano shows all his chops. This album mixes  many influences including prog rock,prog metal, melodic death, Swedish death metal and black metal. This masterpiece of a release is without a doubt the best prog metal album of 99 as well as that years best album altogether.