Travis Barker Talks Blink-182 Without Tom DeLonge: ‘I Don’t Feel Like Anything Is Missing’


Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker discussed recording the band’s new album California without Tom DeLonge, who left the band last year, in a new interview with Kerrang Magazine. When asked about DeLonge’s exit, Barker said he hasn’t been bothered by people asking about it.

“I don’t get asked about it much, it hasn’t been a problem. Everyone’s been really excited about the new single and really anticipating hearing the entire album.”

He was then asked what feels different about the band today than with DeLonge.

“I don’t so much think about what’s missing as much as I do what’s there and how it feels complete at this point in time.”

“We just made one of the best albums in blink-182’s history. So, I don’t feel like anything is missing or there’s any element that is stopping this from being complete. We’re a well-oiled machine – there’s no lack of creativity or work ethic.”