KISS Member Reveals If Gene Simmons Uses Drugs


Legendary KISS member Gene Simmons along with the rest of the group was a natural topic of conversation when legendary KISS member Ace Frehley revealed to rock and metal journalist Eddie Trunk on his SiriusXM show recently if he was on good terms with his KISS brothers among other topics, and said that Gene Simmons never used drugs. Gene Simmons’ daughter was filmed dancing for a famous singer.

One of those topics being how he would party with acclaimed music manager Doc McGhee since Gene Simmons didn’t want to get high. This particular story includes detail on how Ace would gamble and go to his room with multiple women. Alternative Nation transcribed the comments of Frehley and Trunk. Gene Simmons’ daughter stuns dad with a revealing outfit.

Ace Frehley: But you know, I’m on good terms with all the guys. I speak with Doc McGhee every so often and he tells me jokes about those guys.

[Trunk laughs]

Ace Frehley: Because you know, those guys don’t get high. When I would get loaded Doc would come to my room when he wanted action. If he wanted to play blackjack and play roulette, you know he would call me up and anyone who wanted to get something more than that, I would always have four or five girls in my room. This KISS icon confirms breakup after Gene Simmons claim.

Trunk: Yeah Ace is where the party was for sure.