Eddie Van Halen Family Reveals Brain Tumor Video


Eddie Van Halen‘s son Wolfgang Van Halen has shared a new Barrow Neurological Foundation video on brain tumors, and he revealed that his aunt works for the foundation. Eddie Van Halen was ‘caught off guard’ by a fan in a sad photo yesterday.

The Barrow Neurological Foundation tweeted, “@MeghanMcCain Here’s a special thank you from Barrow #BrainTumorWarrior, former @TheView intern. Happy birthday! Help patients like Oscar, donations will be doubled: http://give.supportbarrow.org/ibtc.”

Wolfgang responded, “My aunt @stacyblog works here and they’re doing great work to help patients like Oscar! Check them out and donate if you’re feeling generous! ✌️”

Heisenberg recently discussed infamous 2004 Eddie Van Halen photos taken before he went to rehab a couple years later on VHLinks.com, “Everyone knows. It’s just one bad pic & it’s been overposted to death over 10 years already. There’s at least 10 others from that same movie premiere red carpet appearance he looks fine in all the others.

But yeah of course the one bad pic is the one that draws attention. (Eddie Van Halen’s son broke his silence earlier this week after a health scare)

2004 is way too far overblown none of the shows were cancelled fans make too much of a big deal about it. I’d bet most shows were really good overall for the most part.

I missed my chance to see it I was planning to go but was a super hard day at work & got a flat tire on the way home in pissing hard rain & by the time I got home was too tired & would have been late so didn’t go. But regret not going.

The bootleg footage I’ve watched shows me it was a very unique & special tour. Extremely different from any others. The audience was super enthusiastic rocking out. Yes, Ed looked a little kooky sometimes with the weird hair in a bun but other than that at least it was unpredictable. Very live show. Amazing beautiful artistic big screen & brand new at the time front row seating set up with the swirly VH logo. Nice production.

God forbid a rock star performs under the influence. Good God who would’ve thought an electric guitar player would have a few drinks & whatnot. Shocking.” An angry Eddie Van Halen cancer phone call was leaked last week.