U2 Singer & Ivanka Trump Bombshell Revealed


Bono is seemingly partly to be held responsible for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump being together. Both often appeared to be in over their heads, but managed to plod on regardless due to their power-couple status. The combination of Ivanka’s proximity to power, and Kushner’s private equity wealth, makes them a formidable force in powerful circles. The couple married at Trump Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, in 2009, and now have three children.

Jared Kushner opens up on Bono

According to Kushner’s new book, the U2 frontman, Bill Joel, and even Rupert Murdoch helped re-unite the pair after he broke up with her while dating because she wasn’t Jewish. The anecdote appears in the book ‘Breaking History’, a memoir of his time before and during his stint in the White House, which has been widely panned by critics.

The pair were dating from 2005 to 2008 before breaking up, mostly due to his fears of religious differences. But after being invited to a week away on the Murdoch boat in the Mediterranean, he was surprised to find Ivanka on board.

It was noted that a few days later, during lunch at Bono’s house, Rupert celebrated buying the Wall Street Journal, and afterwards Billy Joel, Bono, and Bob Geldof performed.

It was in all of this celebration that the couple bonded, and Ivanka went on to convert to Judaism. Kushner said they had initially bonder over “NASCAR, New Jersey diners, and other unlikely interests we had in common.”

“Soon I was taking Ivanka to parts of the city she had never seen before, using our dates to check out neighbourhoods where I was looking to purchase property.

“On Sunday mornings, we would take our backgammon board to a new restaurant and sit there for hours as we played games, read the papers, and sipped coffee.”