U2 Singer Party With Matthew McConaughey Revealed


U2 frontman Bono had a crazy party that was caught on camera featuring Matthew McConaghey and other big names, including producer Daniel Lanois. This led to fans on Reddit hoping for a reunion. Bono was recently spotted driving a ridiculous car.

Resist We Much posted, “Lanois, Eno and Lillywhite are literally the only producers I ever want to see on a U2 album again.

They need to stop trying to be something they’re not with producers like Danger Mouse and Ryan Tedder along with their over-produced and over-engineered garbage. They’ll write a hit if they stop trying to write a hit.”

A U2 member made a stunning AIDS announcement earlier this week. InclusivePhitness commented, “‘Daniel, The Edge has been on fire lately and we are re-applying for the job of best rock band in the world.'”

donsanedrin said, “That’s from the BBC special they aired. A host met with the band backstage during their Joshua Tree concert in Brazil. After the concert, they immediately leave and go to a restaurant where there’s a special area for them to meet a whole bunch of celebrities there just waiting to shower them with praise.

One of the more pleasing behind-the-scenes footage of what goes on the day of a concert. U2 knows how to have a nice afterparty, to walk into a room with Matthew McConaughey, Noel Gallagher, a whole bunch of beautiful women, and some of their old friends just waiting there to congratulate them and have a drink.” Rush singer Geddy Lee recently revealed if he really hates Bono.

Bono reunited with Daniel Lanois from r/U2Band