Gene Simmons Forgets Words Onstage In Sad Video


Gene Simmons might have played “Sure Know Something” but he might want to take a mulligan on a new Twitter video post. The famed KISS frontman took to social media via Twitter to tweet out that he was he had the opportunity to speak at the LA Convention Center at a Business conference in Los Angeles. Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed this horrible drug photo recently.

The problem is, while the event has already happened, Simmons dated the event on Twitter on October 25th, 2019. That’s right, he dated the tweet on the wrong date! Simmons might want to go out on stage with glasses during his final tour. You can view the social media post below.

Simmons said, “Oct 25th, 2019: Had the honor of headlining the LA CONVENTION CENTER, which featured a full day of business and inspirational speakers. You should have been there.”

He later tweeted, “Apologies. Meant to say I headlined LA CONVENTION CENTER on Oct 15th…not Oct 25th.”

KISS fans discussed the band’s tenth studio album “Creatures of the Night” and it’s legacy in a recent topic.

Hotter Than Heck wrote: ” I love the Creatures era. My first concert was for Creatures at Cobo Hall. The album itself is par excellence. Eight perfect Kiss heavy rock & roll tunes along with I Still Love You. The original LP’s cover is the shit but I like that 1985 cover too, makes for a nice collectible. It wasn’t commercially successful which proves what sells most isn’t necessarily going to be what I like most.

Great memories, outstanding stuff”

Gene Simmons savagely called out this KISS ‘fraud’ earlier this month. BSErik replied: “Here’s how bad things were in KISSWorld in 1982…

I was a DIE HARD fan. I got picked on and physically assaulted as a kid for still being a KISS fan after 1979, but I NEVER gave up on them and liked Unmasked and The Elder (although Unmasked was my least favorite KISS album to that point).

And one day I went into a Tower Records (College area, San Diego) and saw the Creatures of the Night cassette. I HAD NO IDEA THE ALBUM WAS DONE, AND CERTAINLY NO IDEA IT WAS COMING OUT!! It had been released the previous Tuesday (new release day at the time). But that Tower had NO COPIES of the album on vinyl.

So the band’s management (self-managed, mostly, at that time since they fired Aucoin) COMPLETELY failed to get the word out ahead of time that the album was coming out. And a major chain like Tower had NO copies of the record in one store (they only got one, and it sold but hadn’t been reordered yet 3 days later), and only ONE copy in the next closest store (which I called and had them hold for me).

That’s how bad things were for KISS in October of 1982!”

Gene Simmons’ wife leaked this creepy video to their daughter. Acesmiddlefinger put: “Enjoyable Kiss album. I can’t understand the love for Killer, that’s the only track I would think of skipping. Puzzled even more when they released it as a single in the UK with the tongue extension cover.

The album got a decent push over here and the magical megastore signing was an amazing day. It was just a fantastic feeling to be in a record store listening to the album with the band just inches away.

Still, have my signed creatures album in the loft along with many other signed items from that day. Kiss had been my favorite band from when I discovered Alive 2, but I think that day changed it all for me. Thirty-seven years and still creating memories.”