Van Halen Icon Takes Off Shirt In Bizarre New Video


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar was filmed shirtless with a sunburn on his Instagram page. You can watch below. Sammy Hagar says that he attempted to reconnect with Alex Van Hale in a 2018 Eddie Trunk SiriusXM interview.. “I reached out to Al on his [65th] birthday [on May 8].” “I sent him a nice text and an e-mail and a phone message, saying, ‘Hey, Sammy here. Missed you, buddy. Hope you’re doing good. Happy birthday. And if you ever wanna get together and talk, be buddies, be friends, here’s my e-mail, here’s my text, and here’s my house phone number…’ Nothing. Oh, and I said, ‘How’s Ed doing? I hope he’s healthy. And give him my love.’ Nothing. Nothing! Ooooh! I mean, that’s, like, wow! I guess no waters went under that bridge. And when I looked at the bridge, it was dry. There’s not a drop that comes down underneath that bridge.” Hagar also revealed at the time that he asked David Lee Roth to join him at his inaugural ‘High Tide Beach Party & Car Show’ that took place on October 6th in Huntington Beach, California. “We invited Roth, offered to hire Roth to come and jam with my band at the festival,” Sammy said. “And you know what his guy said? ‘Oh, sounds interesting. We’ll run it past Dave.’ Then radio silence. [Laughs]”