Pearl Jam Tragic 2020 Tour Bombshell Revealed


Pearl Jam are rumored to honor a tragic loss 20 years later, returning to Denmark this summer 20 years after the horrific Roskilde Festival tragedy on June 30, 2000. A major Pearl Jam and Rage Against The Machine 2020 tour date rumor was detailed last week.

At the Roskilde Festival, nine people died, and the festival was headlined by Pearl Jam, with twenty-six people being injured. A 26-year-old cadet police officer from Hamburg, a 23-year-old Dutchman and three Swedes, two aged 22 and one 20, all died at the show. Three Danes, including a 17-year-old, also passed away. These nine victims died when they were crushed as the crowd rushed toward the stage. Eddie Vedder honored the fans who died in the Pearl Jam song “Love Boat Captain” on 2002’s Riot Act.

Cosimo82 posted about the Copenhagen show in Denmark, “Between 29 and 30 for Copenhagen, the only date has a weight and an importance for us all in the 20th anniversary is the 30 of course. Playing on the 29th is like something has been missed…don’t know…”

An expensive 2020 Pearl Jam show was recently revealed. Pearl Jam insider Dimitrispearljam responded, “Going to Denmark 20 years after is so important and shows exactly why this band is the best on the planet..the exact date doesn’t matter..last time in Berlin was 10 years…just watched the video.”

He added about the Copenhagen show, “Good part in Copenhagen is venue has the metro close, so you can stay in the city center at Nørreport Station. Good option close to venue is Cabin Metro.”

Dimitrispearljam also discussed the 2020 European tour kickoff show at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, “I have my reasons for not saying much about Amsterdam..and some seems confusing…I know very well why..I can explain everything after the tour.” He reiterated that it is still ‘the plan’ to kick off the tour in Amsterdam. Pearl Jam confirmed new album plans last month.