Van Halen Singer ‘Leaves’ Band, Is Sammy Hagar Back?


David Lee Roth is reportedly out of his Van Halen contract,’s Andrew McNeice is reporting, though he said this doesn’t mean Roth can’t do a new contract for a future tour. Eddie Van Halen’s wife revealed who has had a deadly disease for ‘years’ a few days ago.

He tweeted, “Let the ‘Dave’s Out Of Van Halen’ rumours commence! #davesout.”

He added, “No, @sammyhagar is not returning to @vanhalen. And no, there is no confirmation Dave is out, as there isn’t any band for him to be out of really. No activity on the horizon. But Dave is doing his own thing now and doesn’t have the constraints of a VH contract holding him back.”

Eddie Van Halen’s wife made a ‘dementia’ claim last week. David Lee Roth recently declared Van Halen ‘finished.’ EJC posted on, “Yeah… Van Halen is out of Van Halen. It just doesn’t matter anymore. How can you be out of a band that hasn’t recorded an album in 8 years.

But this will turn into a 74 page thread about Sammy/Mike being back in the band doing a world tour with Wolfgang opening playing songs from his imaginary album… Or better yet, the VH trio coming to House of Blues near you with Wolf singing, yadda yadda yadda. It will eventually fall to the lowest common denominator of ‘Dave can’t sing anymore’ – and in the end, there will be some more 45’s released of Japanese Singles, and a few new colors of Wolfgang/5150 guitars announced at NAMM that people will not think twice about plopping $1000 down for. Do I sound jaded?”

Mike Zack trolled, “Dave is out, Al is out, Wolf is out and Ed is out. Sam is in, Mike is in, Jason is in and Vic is in. They have also changed the band name to The Circle!”

Destructo3 chimed in, “If there really is a formal Dave is out position and the intent is for Wolf to release his record. The question becomes will Ed and Al be a part of his touring. Which makes little sense as Wolf knows the crowd will only be there for Ed and Al. Or, to maximize Wolf’s exposure, AND not have to share the stage with half of VH, might they drag Sam and Mike back to have a band that can still draw some semblance of a crowd?

Wolf opens to much larger crowds than he otherwise would. If wolf wants to showcase his music as his own, I can see that logic. (Or how they may perceive it.) Not getting on that bandwagon for another Sam go around, but with these guys, we all know this scenario is a possible. Much stranger things have happened.” Howard Stern revealed why Van Halen fired Michael Anthony last week.