Motley Crue Icon Reveals ‘Expensive’ 2020 Tour Tickets


Motley Crue fans and news outlets have been discussing Mick Mars offering ‘free’ tickets to fans if the band ever toured after their farewell tour during a 2014 ‘That Metal Show’ appearance. Mick Mars ripped haters of the Motley Crue 2020 tour yesterday.

Don Jamieson tweeted, “I always said they’d be back. My redemption tour starts today. And great news…free tix for all Mötley Crüe fans!”

Eddie Trunk responded, “Wow! This is amazing ! What a fun episode this was with @mrmickmars @MotleyCrue… but I totally forgot he said this.. until a caller reminded me today. well here’s one tour that won’t be expensive I guess #FreeTicketsToTheWorld thx to @ThatMetalShow!”

Sadly, it appears tickets will end up being expensive and not free, as Mick Mars has weighed in, and hasn’t said he’ll be giving away free tickets. Mick tweeted, “Thanks Eddie. Haha.”

A Motley Crue ‘final tour’ lawsuit threat was revealed a couple days ago. Fans weighed in on the Motley Crue reunion tour with Def Leppard and Poison on the MetalSludge.TV forum. RedHotPunk posted, “The problem is not so much about the reunion, but they claim a whole new generation, that’s didnt see them wants to see them based on the Dirt movie. Ok fair enough But will they be surprised that Vince can’t sing the songs. And backing tapes. Will this all backfire???”

EndStand responded, “Well, The Dirt most definitely gave Mötley new, younger fans. But how many younger fans are interested going to see an expensive stadium show with two other “hot and relevant” acts, Poison and Def Leppard?

I assume that most of the people who go to see Mötley’s show’s are the same people that have seen them for many times = middle aged fans, who can afford the ticket.”

Funz wrote, “Yes remember the Crue turn 40 in 2021. My biggest hope is that because of the reunion and any attention it may garner that some new and better anniversary box sets are released. Too Fast and Shout will be 40 in 2021 and 2023.

Moon, do you know anything about the whereabouts of the Coffman auction items from 10 yrs or so back? This is the HQ and complete copies of Crue’s first gig at the Starwood and their first videos? Eliteworks auctioned them off and even put an HQ “Paperback Writer” and that MTV Motley at the Roxy 1981 clip on Youtbe.

How can this stuff just be left to die in a collector’s hands? Motley should be putting this stuff out now while people give a shit. I guess THEY have to give a shit and buy it, first. Nikki turned down purchasing this stuff at the time!” Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Poison’s rumored paychecks per show on tour was discussed a few days ago.