Van Halen Singer ‘Replacement’ Revealed By Drummer


Van Halen singer David Lee Roth recently fired drummer Michael Musselman, replacing him just as he kicked off his tour opening for KISS.

Musselman appears nostalgic already for his month or so playing with Roth, posting a photo of them playing together during their legendary month together in his Instagram story with Lenny Kravitz’s “Again” playing in the background. Musselman quoted the following Kravitz lyrics, “All of my life. Where have you been. I wonder if I’ll ever see you again.”

A fan also asked Musselman if he will ever reunite with Roth, and he said he doesn’t even know the name of his replacement, who has been playing for a couple of weeks now with Roth.

The fan said, “Will you be back on again, Mike? Who’s the other dude playing out East with’em?” Musselman responded with a joke that Roth may fire his own replacement, “Not sure on a return. I also do not know the other person. Not even his name. Hopefully he can stick around and you catch him. 😝”

David Lee Roth returned to playing live in January after a near 5-year absence following Van Halen’s last tour in 2015. Roth played a Las Vegas residency that was trashed by fans and critics, but his recent run of shows opening for KISS in North America have been more well received, with fans praising Roth for focusing more on his singing and attempting to hit notes. Eddie Van Halen’s bandmate recently leaked a sad ‘hair loss’ photo.