Van Halen Singer Fires Drummer After Bad Concert


Van Halen singer David Lee Roth has appeared to let go drummer Michael Musselman (unless he quit) after a series of poorly reviewed Las Vegas residency shows and one show with KISS. Roth’s shows in recent days with KISS have received more positive reviews after his early 2020 shows were savaged by fans and critics.

A fan recently asked Musselman, “Why have you not played on the couple of the latest gigs with David?” Musselman responded, “I ain’t in the band anymore!”

ZiggySmalls posted on, “Based on how Dave has sounded since 2011 or so and his first few shows at HOB, yes it was likely if he kept on disregarding constructive criticism, it would have gone badly. Had he gone out there and sang like he did on the Tokyo CD, yes it would be cringe worthy. However he has dialed it back and is doing a great job. Kudos to him. Glad for him but it wasn’t like any apprehension wasn’t warranted. There was almost a decade of proof to dispute. He changed for the better. Just wish he would have done it 10 years ago.”

95Crash responded, “I am loving these videos. Dave looks and sounds great out there, strutting his stuff while staying within his range, and the crowds seem to be enjoying it. I just hope he holds up for the second leg so I can catch him in Atlantic City in August.”

Weir cali wrote on YouTube, “A couple of weeks ago I was lamenting how bad the Vegas shows (I watched on youtube) were. These are great sets! He shouldn’t sing Just Like Paradise, but he sounds really good. The band is tight as hell. Pepper Keenan once referred to Phil Campbell of Motorhead as ‘an assassin.’

This Al Estrada guy is an assassin. Never misses a note, great feel, always really into it….so impressive. You can hear the crowd is enjoying themselves. They are a great opener and I think this is exactly the kind of gig for DLR now. He doesn’t have the voice for a full headlining set, but for an opening set…he is killing it.” Eddie Van Halen being disrespected by Journey and Steve Perry was just revealed.