Metallica Bassist ‘Refuses’ 2020 Tour For Huge Money


One time Metallica bassist Ron McGovney was asked by a Metallica superfan on Twitter recently if he ever regrets leaving Metallica after seeing them having overwhelming success. In response, McGovney stated how he has no regrets leaving the band as McGovney tweeted back: “I would rather have privacy and freedom over money any day of the week.” You can view the exchange below. James Hetfield unloads on Metallica bassist in sad photo.

In other related news, fans recently took to the subreddit for the band to discuss the classic track from the thrash metal icons entitled: ‘My Friend of Misery’. The song is the eleventh track from the band’s acclaimed 1991 Black Album. In addition, it is one of the three songs which Jason Newsted co-written during his years in the group. The song was originally going to be an instrumental track, but the band decided to record it with lyrics.

Metallica bassist retires, is Jason Newsted back? DGlennH said: “Awesome song. This is gonna seem kind of mean, but lots of fans don’t actually think about these songs at all, and if it doesn’t immediately conform to what they think Metallica should be, they will react pretty venomously towards it. Sometimes art asks something of the individual to be appreciated; a concept lost on those that can’t (or won’t) think critically about it. A concept lost on a lot of people these days is that you can appreciate something for what it is, even when it isn’t exactly your cup of tea.”

Dave Mustaine ‘disrespected’ at club with Metallica singer. Hanneken put in response: “**** other people’s opinions about it. Do you like it? If so, go about your business. I like something that you don’t? Neat. Get over yourself. Your top 10 isn’t the same as mine. That’s life. Now leave me alone, I’m gonna listen to St. Anger.”