Vicky Cornell Accused Of ‘Destroying Soundgarden Legacy’


In a new legal filing in the Soundgarden vs. Vicky Cornell lawsuit, Soundgarden’s lawyers have quoted fans accusing Vicky of ‘destroying’ Soundgarden’s legacy. Vicky Cornell’s team has censored Soundgarden comments on Instagram.

“Fan frustration with Vicky Cornell’s interference with the Soundgarden Social Media Accounts has only increased following Vicky Cornell’s reactionary response to the filing of the motion for preliminary injunction.

Fans have publicly posted on both the Nudedragons and Soundgarden social media accounts their outrage that Vicky Cornell has been controlling the Soundgarden Social Media Accounts and stated that the legal actions she has brought against the Counter-Plaintiffs and her refusal to give back the Social Media Accounts have ‘destroyed the SG brand and legacy.’

On Twitter, users created an @FightForSoundgarden account where, in protest of the Band being locked out of their social media accounts, they are calling on Soundgarden fans to unfollow social media accounts not controlled by the Band in support of the Band regaining access to their accounts. This has caused the Band to lose thousands of followers.”

Soundgarden have run a Nudedragons account since being locked out of the Soundgarden account, keeping fans updated on the activity of surviving members Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd, and Matt Cameron.