Slipknot Family Devastated By Another Brutal Death


Former Slipknot member Chris Fehn who took to social media via Instagram to discuss the recent birthday of his late father. Fehn wrote: “Happy birthday dad. I miss you and love you. We’re all thinking about you today. I couldn’t ask for a better dad. Rest In Peace.Corey Taylor recently revealed when Slipknot will breakup.

In news regarding Fehn’s former band, one Slipknot bemoaned the group’s most recent setlist for the ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ tour in a new comment within the Slipknot subreddit. Corey Taylor recently revealed this stunning Ozzy Osbourne demand.

The user stated: “They have been touring for nearly six months, and it has pretty much been the exact same setlist. The album came out nearly four months ago, and they are still only playing the two singles from WANYK [We Are Not Your Kind]? This is not the WANYK world tour, it is a greatest hits world tour. Back on TGC [The Gray Chapter] tour, they would swap out tons of deep cuts from the first 3 records, while mixing in 4-5 new songs every night. I thought the Latin American crowd would be treated to a different setlist, including songs from the actual album that they are touring in support of. This reminds me of AHIG, playing psycho and memories, with an occasional play of Sulfur. I am so disappointed that they are playing it safe.”

A Slipknot member was caught using oxygen tank in shocking video. The user concluded by saying: “I love this band so much, that seeing them lay the same old setlist every night is getting quite stale. They know that the fans would love to see songs like Birth, Orphan, and Nero.. while seeing some other old songs like Eyeless, Liberate, Purity, Disasterpiece, My Plague, Three Nill… the list goes on. Let the guys mix up the set, please!”