Watch Incubus’ Epic Collaboration With Deftones’ Chino Moreno & Skrillex


A video has surfaced from the recording sessions for Incubus’ collaboration with Deftones frontman Chino Moreno and Skrillex.

Incubus members Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger discussed the band’s new album 8 in an interview with

“It didn’t feel like an album until the very end,” says Einziger. “This was also the first time we’d worked with Dave Sardy as a producer.” The band says that Sardy pushed them harder than they’d been pushed, maybe ever. “Sardy really let me have it,” admits Boyd. “I’d gotten so accustomed—over the years—I would know what I wanted to do as a singer and the melody in my head and I would go into the studio and just sort of nail it in one or two takes.” Boyd sighs as if still feeling the pain from the recording sessions. “Dave had me do it in 400 takes and took 398 as the take.” Despite the fact that Sardy broke him down, Boyd found love and respect for the producer because he’s thrilled with the outcome.

Brandon Boyd said regarding the album, “We live in dark times, my friend. So what we’re doing as artists is acting as a mirror to culture here and there and hopefully offering little glimmers of hope through the joy in music we all have.”