Watch Tool & Primus Members Unite For Incredible Performance


Tool drummer Danny Carey joined Primus onstage for their New Years Eve show at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA.

The YouTube uploader wrote:

Part 4 of 5 for Primus’ annual New Year’s Eve show at the Fox Theater.

00:00 — Mrs. Blaileen

****Please excuse the language that starts around the 4min mark. Some guys came down during Mrs. Blaileen and stood right in front of all the people sitting next to and behind us.

They started talking — strike that — yelling crap about all the people sitting, “Man, I go to so many shows and I never sit, who can sit for Primus?” “Of all the shows I’ve been to and never once have I sat! Who sits at a concert!?!?!?”

This was going on while the song was playing and continued on after it ended. I sat there for a good ~30 seconds after the song giving them time to wrap up their conversation and move on, but they just kept going and going.

So again, excuse my language/mocking them for what they were talking about. Like the guy behind me chimed in with, people paid good money for SEATS in that specific area. The fact that “security” was letting anyone into the area didn’t bother me one damn bit, as many people were coming/going and not bothering anyone. These two guys were talking shit *and* standing in front of people. Again, apologies 🙂 ****

05:25 — Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
11:17 — Southbound Pachyderm (w/Danny Carey)

Part 5 picks up roughly 20 seconds after this as my phone died and I had to switch to my other one. Apologies.

  • Charlie

    You wrote an entire post that’s 99% based on a YouTube upload – and you didn’t even write his name. Lazy journalism.