Weezer Defend Band Accused Of Ripping Off Nirvana


Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has defended Silverchair on Mark Hoppus’ After School Radio on Apple Music after they were accused of riding Nirvana’s coattails in the 90’s.

Rivers Cuomo on Silverchair’s “Freak” and how a younger generation looks back at 90s bands:
I’m not sick of it unlike a lot of ’90s songs because it’s weird because back then it was like, they probably only came out, I don’t know, a couple years after the big grunge bands, but at the time, they were like these young kids, they were a little bit late to the game and so it just wasn’t cool. But it’s actually great and it’s been interesting to watch my kids because they’re hearing all these songs for the first time at the same time, there’s no context of who came first so they’re like, “Yeah, Silverchair, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Pavement, Pixies, these are all great bands.” It’s like, “Wait a minute, you can’t like all those bands together.” So they have no boundaries.

Rivers Cuomo on younger listeners discovering Weezer on TikTok:
Yeah. I mean, Weezer’s had, out of nowhere, I’ll find out, like, “Oh, this random old song of yours is really popular.” And I’ll say, “Why are they suddenly liking this B-side from 1995?” And they’ll say, like, “Oh, it’s because it’s trending on TikTok.” So I go check it out. It’s like, “Oh, that’s kind of random, but awesome.”