Chris Cornell’s Daughter Reacts To Disgusting ‘Hate Messages’


Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily posted ‘fuck Brett Kavanaugh’ yesterday on her Instagram story, and she has followed up with a new post:

“to the grown ass adults who have been cyber bullying me over my post regarding brett kavanaugh – as an 18 year old girl in a rapidly deteriorating political climate, i am worried about my rights and the rights of others who are routinely oppressed and ignored by the GOP. i am not at all ashamed to share my political views, and i feel blessed to have been given a platform upon which i can openly discuss the rape culture and sexual misconduct that is continuously propagated by politicians, especially members of the republican party.

what this has to do with my dad, i have literally no idea. dozens of adults with different political views from me or different stances on kavanaugh have felt the need to personally attack me (WHO YOU DON’T KNOW), my relationship with my dad (WHO YOU DON’T KNOW), and your support of my dad and his career because of it. i would highly recommend spending more time with your families and becoming informed on important issues and less time spewing anonymous, inarticulate hate messages at 18 year old girls on the internet.”

Lily and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill recently ripped Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Jill Vedder continued her criticism today.

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Couldn’t stop myself from sharing this 😂

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  • Trovoid

    Clearly Lily is much more intelligent than all of those posters. Who the hell is defending this Brett Kavanaugh idiot anyway?

    • makingconnections

      He was so aggressive and angry….as though people were offending God or some damned thing. Why would anyone want him on a supreme court when he doesn’t have himself under control, he’s told lies, and doesn’t seem like a very kind person. So many men are impressed with his tears and emotion. So what fellas!

  • makingconnections

    I’m surprised that Brett left the creepy comment regarding Lily and her father on his site.

    America is such a free country and has an amazing democracy. Why do so many people jump on a bandwagon and defend Donald Trump and his devotees even when there are questions about their conduct. They don’t cherish their freedoms that they always speak of it doesn’t seem.

    If they would attack an l8 year old in such a horrible manner, or anyone for that matter, I wonder whether the U.S. should spend a little more on education. If they keep going down this road they are going to find themselves living under a dictator.

    • Alternative Nation

      I only briefly skimmed the comments once (I don’t read them on the site all the time, a lot of the time I don’t actually), so don’t know what you’re referring to. If Corndog (comments mod) thinks a comment is going beyond free speech and even a heated political argument, that’s up to him. I’ve seen heated stuff from both left and right people on AN on the site and in FB comments in the past. I thought Lily was referring to Instagram DM’s.

      I mainly only delete comments when I get emailed requests/specific ones are sent to me.

      When it comes to political views, about half the country feel one way, half the country feel another. Personally I think posting about political views or arguing about it in comments sections on the internet is a waste of time. You are either getting pats on the back from your echo chamber, or pissing off people who disagree with you. Nothing is actually accomplished. The most constructive political discussions are direct conversations, where people treat each other with respect even if they disagree. There’s a nature of social media posting/commenting that is dehumanizing.

      • Corndog

        I thought the comments were in poor taste but did not believe that they required deletion as they weren’t being directly agressive or offensive to one of the other posters.

        I did however delete a comment yesterday that ‘hoped’ a member of one of the bands covered here would die in the same manner as Paul Walker. I’m all for freedom of speech but I thought that was disgusting and took it way too far, so I removed it.

      • makingconnections

        Read comment by N. approx. #20 down. “As for these morons like JV and some little uneducated snot like cornhole’s daughter, just please shut the hell up.”

        You must have missed it and Corndog too…it’s disgusting. I don’t care what people say in a political discussion, but this is a horrible personal attack against Chris Cornell and his daughter.