Dave Grohl Filmed Crying At Dinner In Stunning Video


Good Guy Dave Grohl filmed tons of hilarious videos when cooking dinner for friends and fans at a recent BBQ in Texas, and he was even filmed crying in one video. Dave is really capable of showing off every emotion in video and photos! Dave Grohl savagely called out a rude fan in another video.

Grohl was recently interviewed by NME, and he said he gets restless, which is why Foo Fighters return to touring this summer in Europe, despite not having a new album out. The band are currently writing new material though, with Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins hinting at a 2020 release, which could be a big year for rock with a new Pearl Jam album also expected.

Dave Grohl recently revealed a recording secret to Howard Stern. Foo Fighters headlined Glastonbury in 2017 for the Concrete and Gold tour, but headlining Reading and Leeds this summer had more historic significance for Grohl, as his history with the festivals dates back to 1991. Grohl said he just can’t take a break like other bands as they wait for their next new album or big worldwide tour.

“Taking a break from it isn’t as pleasant as you’d imagine,” laughs Grohl. “I don’t prefer being on tour to being home, but I just fucking love playing.”

Grohl revealed a brutal car accident he got in on video a few days ago. He also mentioned playing with Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Them Crooked Vultures at Reading. “Of all the festivals, that’s the one that’s closest to my heart,” he admits. “It was my first love of festivals. I think this will be my 10th time playing.” You can read the full interview at NME.