New Pearl Jam Album November Announcement Leaks


The new Pearl Jam album has now officially become what the new Tool album was for many years, since we now have that! Fans have patiently waited for six years, with rumors that they’re done recording, and now a rumored November release date has surfaced on the Ten Club boards, with reliable insider dimitrispearljam confirming that a November release was the plan at one point, though it could be delayed. A new Pearl Jam double album rumor surfaced a couple of days ago.

dfrank posted, “2019/11/15 …”

dimitrispearljam responded, “That’s a date close to the plan they had..I hope they do it after all and do not move it back later (album and tour).”

PJNB said, “That would be crazy if true!!! D.Frank if that is a guess let us know and if it is something else just wink if that is all you can say!” He added, “I can’t believe that the album has a chance of coming out this year. Hope it is true and thanks!”

D-Rod posted, “If you look back to an interview that Mike McCready gave back in May he stated, ‘I hope the new album comes out this year.’ He said the same thing back in April 2013 about LB. Long story short it makes sense that the album is being released in 2019 and an announcement should be in the next 7 days.”

Eddie Vedder’s ex-wife broke her silence in a new video. Tim Simmons chimed in, “Maybe I don’t pay attention to it as much, but it seems like their social media posts have been a bit more frequent as of late. But maybe they are more on the forefront of my mind more so I’m noting their posts more.”

Spiritual_Chaos said, “LETS HOPE ANGRY AND POLITICAL. And a tad less ‘I’m so lucky to have you in my life my dear darling, let’s drink some tea and watch the sun set on the terrass’ songs.”