David Gilmour Reveals If Roger Waters ‘Faked’ Performance


The mind-blowing Pink Floyd guitarist and songwriter David Gilmour, talked about the artwork of Pink Floyd’s most legendary albums during the most recent episode of the Pink Floyd podcast entitled, ‘The Lost Art of Conversation: A Pink Floyd Podcast.’ Here, Gilmour discusses the making of the album of cover behind ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’. Alternative Nation transcribed Gilmour’s comments. David Gilmour savagely called out this Pink Floyd ‘loudmouth’.

Interviewer: There got to be this kind of strong, graphic image but there’s got to be humor in there as well I think. Even if ‘Wish You Were Here’ were quite a dark humor but it’s still a funny image in many ways and I think the beds is a very similar illustration of that. There’s a bit of the Magritte in there.

David Gilmour: Yeah, it’s kind of surreal. I mean people would, I mean, normally speaking people would usually do that with photoshop and digital technology. Even in those days, there were ways of cutting, pasting and that sort of thing but Storm absolutely wouldn’t hear of it, ever, and they all had to be done for real. I think the reality of doing it the ‘proper, right, real way’ does come across.

Fans of Pink Floyd recently took to social media to discuss the legacy and impact of one of the group’s biggest albums in ‘Wish You Were Here.’ One fan quipped: “In my eyes, Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall tend to garner the most attention and devotion in terms of Pink Floyd’s discography. Wish You Were Here, however, is my personal favorite.” David Gilmour recently revealed hiring big names for new Pink Floyd.

The fan continued: “The aforementioned LPs have some extremely choice cuts (Breathe, Us and Them, Great Gig in the Sky, Hey You, Another Brick in the Wall, Comfortably Numb, Run Like Hell, need I say more?), but the thematic aspects of those immortalized records work against my overall listening pleasure due to mid-point adjoining tracks and fillers. The Wall, in particular, suffers on side 4 as the theme descends into theatrics… as if Andrew Lloyd Webber had written a musical set in an insane asylum. Wish You Were Here contains no such flaws. There is not one less-than-stellar track to be found. Besides the sublime title track, Have a Cigar and Shine On You Crazy Diamond (both tracks) are enduring classics that don’t grow old or wear out. The gem for me just may be Welcome to the Machine… an extraordinary piece if I ever heard one.”  David Gilmour ‘messes up’ Pink Floyd guitar solo.