David Gilmour ‘Weight Gain’ Revealed In New Photo


A David Gilmour and Pink Floyd superfan recently took to social media via Twitter to showcase this recent photograph of the iconic Pink Floyd superstar in which he looks happy and healthy with an equally healthy amount of weight put on him. We feel he looks great in this delightfully bohemian look, and the cat on the shoulder is always a nice touch as well, to show the animal lover and down-to-earth personality that he is. Go David! You can view this photo below. David Gilmour family reveals ‘tragic letter’ to fans.

In other news regarding David Gilmour, fans recently took to social media via the Pink Floyd subreddit to discuss and debate David Gilmour’s solo works, along with the works of solo works of Roger Waters to see if they hold up today. Fellow Reddit user Rob-alarcon stated: “Just listen to them and make your own opinions, not everything has to be excellent, Pink Floyd was a creative force that you won’t find in their solo records, but they are really good, I utterly enjoy the music in Gilmour’s On an Island, I really like the themes on all Waters records, and Wright’s Broken China and wet dream are two adult contemporary records that I found honest, good and memorable. Roger Waters ‘angers’ David Gilmour in backstage photo.

Some records are experimental though, as Wright’s record with Zee, it is like George Harrison experimental records (e.g. Wonderwall) I don’t think they were intended for the mainstream but maybe for other musicians or music enthusiasts.”

David Gilmour’s wife calls out this sad Pink Floyd paycheck. Whereas HelsifZhuSee replied: “Yes of course. Not everything works for every listener but I feel any Pink Floyd fan will find at least one of those albums enjoyable. Also, throw in Richard Wright’s Wet Dream and Broken China because there are wonderful tracks on there as well.”