Gene Simmons Daughter Gets Wet In Leather Swimsuit Photo


Gene Simmons‘’ daughter, the sinful Sophie Simmons recently posted a photo of herself all wet, hot and bothered in this luscious leather swimsuit. You can check it out below.

Gene Simmons daughter ‘rubs’ herself in bad photo. In other news revolving Gene Simmons and KISS, fans recently took to the KISS subreddit to discuss which band member has the best makeup design. One Reddit user wrote: Personally I like Gene’s the best because of the way it’s arranged. The widow’s peak helps bring your eye down to his face, as well as the little points around the eyes. It leads the viewer to look at his eyes, while the fact that the top half of his face is where the makeup is concentrated helps to provide a contrast to the tongue he’s well known for, as well as accentuating the tongue because there’s not much else happening on the lower half of the face.”

Gene Simmons calls out ‘stupid’ KISS member performance. With another saying: “My favorite is Gene’s, and my favorite era of it was around 1976 or so before the “points” got super thick. My least favorite has always been Paul’s. For one, it never concealed his identity that well. Back in the day when magazines were mostly black and white photos, you could cover up the “star” side of his face and see almost exactly what he really looked like. Also, I always thought the star looked odd from the side. More like a starfish.”

And this user going: “Ace, specifically Dynasty Ace with the thick outline and blue eyeshadow, and Vinnie. Big fan of the Alive-era Gene look though when the lines and points were quite thin and it gave him an evil look; way cooler than the thick comic-book look of say, the Dynasty era.” Gene Simmons daughter reveals horrible injury video.

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