Gene Simmons Daughter Reveals Horrible Injury Video


Sophie Simmons’ father Gene Simmons once sang ‘Heaven’s On Fire’ with KISS, but we can safely assume Sophie’s finger was on fire from the pain of this horrific and tragic paper cut! The stunning songstress revealed the horrifying injury during a new video which you can view below. Get well soon Sophie! Do you wish to send America’s sweetheart, Sophie Simmons get well wishes after her dreadful injury? Leave them ‌in the comments below! Gene Simmons’ daughter mocks awful photo of dad.

In other news regarding Sophie’s ‘Demon dad’ Gene Simmons fans of the ‘hottest band in the land’ recently took to social media to discuss one of the group’s most popular compilations – KISSWORLD – The Best of KISS. Gene Simmons ‘passes out’ in horrible photo with wife.

One fan said on “I’m a big KISS fan and usually want most things KISS related but when I saw this initially I was eh I don’t need that. However, I recently got back into vinyl and have been collecting KISS albums on vinyl. I happen to see this go on sale and decided to get it. I didn’t have 11 of the songs on vinyl yet so I thought that was a good enough reason to get it for the low price. The album arrived in excellent shape. After a quick cleaning, I gave it a listen. They played without skips and the albums themselves have little to no warp. The sound overall is good and balanced and not harsh when turned up. The song selection is different from their other greatest hits but I like it now that I’ve played it a few times. For the price I paid, I’m very satisfied.”

Gene Simmons just revealed if KISS are too old to be performing. While another said: “I have a few KISS compilations and I can tell you without reservation that this is the best sounding group of songs. No overcompression or excessive bass, which is typical in new recordings and remastering of older material. Every track is crystal clear and punchy- the way it should be. My only gripe is the version of “Rock and Roll All Night” contained here. It’s the re-recorded version from years ago. Substituting the original with a remake of KISS’ signature song could be a deal-breaker for prospective customers of this collection.”