Gene Simmons Daughter Takes Tight Leather Pants Photo


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons’ looked beautiful wearing leather pants in a new recording studio photo. Sophie is following in the footsteps of her father, working as a successful songwriter and singer. Sophie performed at the Grove in Los Angeles last week with Pixie Lott and AF Sheen. Gene Simmons’ daughter recently leaked a Brad Pitt video.

The KISS album ‘Animalize’ celebrated its 35th anniversary a few days ago, and fans on the forums discussed how the album has aged.

KrazySwede posted, “Time flies…..pretty sure I bought that album along with Maidens ‘Powerslave’ and a U2-single ‘Pride’… Helsingborg….”

Gene Simmons’ daughter received a touching proposal recently from a woman. jkiss, “In retrospect, hard to feel good about ‘1984’ with all that terrifying news about what was really happening to some people. And would only become even more terrifying before long. Certainly one KISS album that doesn’t hold-up for me these days (save “Heaven’s on Fire” – perfect); although, I thought it was ‘good enough’ when released.

I don’t care for Mark St. John’s solos & the unusual/contrived faster pace of some of the songs. Plus, Gene’s contributions really come-off as lackluster …likely a result of his then new hobby in Hollywood. I guess one KISS album that didn’t age well overall; as far as I’m concerned.

I was probably more excited about bands like Van Halen or even Duran Duran at that given moment; nonetheless, still pleased enough KISS made it thought the storm. However, it surely wasn’t the 1970s, anymore.” Paul Stanley made a sad death announcement recently.