Greta Van Fleet Bad Paycheck For Show Revealed


Greta Van Fleet have a nucleus based around the very talented Kiszka brothers, and their mother Karen Kiszka recently discussed the band receiving paychecks of zero dollars on The Ladies of Comedy. Greta Van Fleet’s singer going crazy at Disneyland was revealed yesterday. Alternative Nation transcribed her comments.

Karen Kiszka: It was a win/win for him [John *insert’s last name here*] because he was doing a fundraiser. They weren’t getting paid, he was just like: “I can fill the stage and you guys are good enough if you do this.” Oh my gosh, it was Auto Fest up on the hill outside and the boys started playing and it’s this weird thing – we saw it happen after that.

A Greta Van Fleet new mustache growing photo was recently revealed. There are a few more people, there were a few more people, and then I turned around and the whole place was full and it was the whole street – it was Autofest, the whole street was just full and standing outside the fence listening and watching. The boys got a taste of that and that was it. They were like:

“That was fun! Let’s do it!”

Kiszka: And we were like:

“Okay, well we can do the fundraiser in Fisher Hall and then when Mike [Barbee] got involved we would get a couple of shows and people would come in because it was like a home stage.” 

Greta Van Fleet partying with a bandmate’s sister was recently revealed.