Gene Simmons Kicks Dressing Room Door In Video


KISS icon Gene Simmons, along with Melvins drummer Dale Crover discusses how Simmons was locked in his dressing room during the unlikely pairing’s live collaboration in this extra and unearthed bonus scene from The Colossus of Destiny: A Melvins Tale. Gene Simmons revealed a creepy backside photo of his wife recently.

As the duo explain, The Melvins and Simmons were set to perform a live version together of KISS’s 1974 track, Goin’ Blind. However, things went awry and Simmons’s bass was locked in his dressing room and had to take matters into his own hands. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments. Gene Simmons’s daughter revealed if she’s had plastic surgery the other day.

Crover: You know, he brought his own bass and he had own roadie take care of his bass, he was like, “will you watch this for me?” The roadie said yes, Gene [Simmons] took off and went to eat or whatever and we had his bass. Following that, our roadie was looking at his road case, putting his bass back in and he noticed that there was a giant pack of KISS guitar picks in there. We opened them up, taped them to the mic stand so when Gene got back all his pics would be there. Of course, we took a couple too. Gene didn’t even know that they were in there.

Crover continues

Crover: So we play the show and it comes time for him to play ‘Going Blind’ with us and he’s not coming out. We’re all wondering where Gene Simmons is. Little did we know that the dressing room door had gotten locked and his bass was in there and nobody had the key. I saw this later because my drum tech actually filmed this. Since nobody had the key, the production manager was there and he told Gene to just kick the door open. Gene Simmons is holding his hat and trying to kick the door open and can’t get it.  Gene Simmons took this  brutal shot at Radiohead last month.

Simmons then concludes:

Simmons: Did the door kick open? Yeah. I took some taekwondo which is a kickboxing kind of thing. So, if know how to kick and then snap it, wood splits apart.